Leaders and Board Members

Dwelling in His Presence by being open to serve him (God) on a daily basis 
His Compassion fail not.  They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness.
Lamentations 3:22-23
Attorney Joseph F K. & Charmaine A. Sarpong
Kites rises highest against the wind-Winston churchill

Attorney Joseph F.K. Sarpong volunteers as a Board Chair for the Rose of Sharing Ministry and have supported the ministry with his expertise as an Attorney. He ministers to couples regarding crises issues they might be facing and counsel them both legally and spiritually to help motivate them to find positive ways to resolve their problems.

Charmaine A. Sarpong M.B.A Executive Director offering services in the area of counseling and providing community support to individuals within the U.S.A. and around the world. Through strong prayers and blessings from our Lord Jesus Christ and savior, Charmaine has been gifted to established this organization with a 501 non-profit status and have been given many visions to help all that might need healing, wisdom and or support for everyday situations. She coordinated in 2006 international relations and trips among several churches. Charmaine have allowed many doors to open to the community through services of helping others through Rose of Sharing ministry. Charmaine has used Rose of Sharing ministry as a vehicle to aid and support the community concerning health issues, mental health challenges, financial aid, and have co-shared services with other community, non-profit, for profit entities to support communities locally and worldwide.
Pastor Joyce Scroggins (Mother Joyce) of Rockwall, Texas  (Board Member of the Rose of Sharing)
Coordinator of projects with This Is Your Season Ministry, her local church and the community of Rockwall, Texas, buildingthe community  towards economical development. Pastor Joyce have traveled on missions to Israel, Cameroon, West Africa blessing regions with her prayers and ministering the love of Christ dialects around the world.  The heart of our ministry depends on Pastor Joyce and her wisdom.  She is my spiritual mommy in the Lord, my Chief Armour Barrier in Rockwall and the prayer warrior of many ministries around the world.  Pastor Joyce have served on my church projects and host and aid crusades to best plan, volunter, suport and pray, advise and mentoring the body of Christ.  She is our best resource and a scholar volunteer for The Rose of Sharing International Ministry Inc.
MAN >2<MAN Leader Elder Robert L. Redding, Jr. (Community Volunteer and Leader)
His passion is to help those who are hurting, need healing, or just offer help where ever help is needed.  He is the founder and organizer of the Man >2<Man upcoming 2008 conference promoter.  Elder Redding, Jr. work with men, youth and families in the Fortworth, Texas community and an ordained Elder of the King’s Haven Worship Center since May 18, 2003.  This young man is a refreshing gift to the world and the body of Christ.  Update on Elder Redding:  As of October 2009 God has given him a beautiful wife Lady Fairy Redding, Jr.  This move have launch the ministry to have a dynamic healthcare industry specialist.  Lady Fairy Redding, Jr teaches Medical Billing and Coding and is a supervisor in the field.  We have according the our faith a man that finds a wife find a jewel and lots of blessings and favor.  This couple starting 2010 is blasting Rose of Sharing into a new arena of blessings that Rose of Sharing ministry never could have imagine.  Hallalujah!!!!!
Elder Robert L. Redding, Jr

“Our International Leaders”  

Pastor Bassey & Pastor Joyce Thompson: Board Members and International Advisor of the Rose of Sharing

Pastor Bassey Thompson is our interpreter for all english projects in West Africa. He speaks several languages including French.  He is in charge of the international coordination of the Mighty House of Rescue Ministry in Ghana, West Africa.  He specialize in outreach in the remotes sector of his country and to bring more economical stability to them through coordinating of special programs of projects with the Rose of Sharing Ministry.
Pastor Joyce Thompson is anointed in bring healing, restoration, special counseling to women in crises situation there in Ghana, West Africa and around the world.  She is the prayer warrior for the Mighty House of Rescue and The Rose of Sharing Ministry.  God has given her a gift in the Prophetic arena and she have changed many lives around the world.  She support all the children projects and programs that affect mothers in crises situations and economic recovery to women in the community.

FORMER AS OF JUNE 2009:   Ilene Norman (International Ambassador of the Rose of Sharing)

Born in 1957, Ilene D. Norman a devout Christian and advocate for children with disabilities, is a mother of two Nikki 29, and Chris 25.  She is a retired professional in Communications from one of the largest telecommunications company in the world where she has received numerous awards for her outstanding performances particularly from 1998-2005.  She has served as adviser and consultant on a number of fund raising committees.  Before that, she was a dedicated volunteer and participant in a number of activities for organizations such as NAACP, The Civil Rights Museum and Operation Push, promoting events for entertainers such as Bill Cosby and Jeffrey Osborne.  In 1993 she received an award for her role and success as coordinator for the Walk to Cure Diabetes from the American Diabetic Foundation.   Ilene holds a certificate of license in Nursing where she graduated with honors and was recognized as valedictorian of her graduating class at Shelby Community College in Tennessee in 1987.  She has studied Political Science and Broadcasting Communications at the University of Knoxville in 1975.  Ilene Has been acknowledged by the International Society of Poets for her unique talent in poetry writing and nominated as the Poets Choice of that society.  She is currently serving as Ambassador for the Rose of Sharing Ministry out of Dallas Texas.  Ilene believes that we as Christianscent in the body of Christ can never be satisfied as long as there is poverty and suffering in the kingdom of God.  As Ambassador for The Rose of Sharing International Ministry, her commitment is to enhance the quality of her service and relationship to humanity by doing all the good she can,  to all the people she can,  In all the ways she can,  as long as ever she can.